All members: Important safety update


Hi everyone,

The announcement by the AFL yesterday that an Essendon player has tested positive for the COVID-19 virus is a timely reminder for junior footy also.

We continue to observe hygiene and safety protocols previously communicated to you at non-contact training sessions limited to 3 groups of 20 until further notice.

Importantly, your team manager will also continue to ask you to respond via Team App Event RSVPs to indicate whether you/your child will attend training.

At training, your coach or manager will mark off attendances to confirm who is present.

We ask for your full support to make sure your/your child’s attendance at training is recorded accurately on Team App via your coach or manager.

This enables us to maintain data and contact trace should anyone from the Club return a positive result.

Of course, if you or your child is exposed to anyone who has tested positive or receives a positive result, please do not attend training and notify your coach, manager or immediately.

As AFL CEO Gillon McLaughlin said, yesterday’s news shows that COVID-19 is still around and we should remain vigilant so our community can continue to remain safe while enjoying footy.

Here’s a reminder of the other safety protocols that we continue to adhere to:

1. if your child is ill with cold/flu symptoms or has been in contact with someone who has these symptoms, please do not bring them to training. As with school, we reserve the right to ask children not to participate if they appear to be ill.

2. there will be no contact at training, ie tackling, competing for marks, practice matches. Coaches are preparing a range of fun activities that will help players gain fitness and refresh skills during this non-contact period.

3. Training sessions run for a hour with 10 mins for change-over to the next group. Please make sure your child(ren) arrive promptly, wearing training gear and ready to go. To minimise contact, please pick them up promptly at the end of the session to avoid contact with other groups.

4. While toilets remain open, the club house and change rooms are not be available for general use.

5. We divide Acron Oval into 3 sections, and a maximum of 20 training participants per third is permitted, including coaching staff. Please be understanding if we need to ask additional people to move behind the boundary line.

6. social distancing should be observed by all adults at training and we request that only one parent/guardian per child be present.

7. club officials and children will be asked to use hand sanitiser before and after training (supplied by the club).

As per our normal process, if the Council closes Acron oval due to bad weather, we will notify you via Team App as soon as possible.

Thanks so much for your support, and have a great week!

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