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Hi All,

At a later date I will be do a more detailed presentation of the strategy survey, and the implications for the future of St Ives AFL. But in summary, a large majority like the ‘fun and participation’ culture of the Club. Ideally, there should be a greater emphasis on skill development. Importantly, facilities (both number and quality) need improvement. And the Board could improve elements of its communication.

The achievements of the Committee this year include the introduction of an additional girls team, maintaining a financially strong position, making some (non-structural) improvements to the Clubhouse, purchasing more resources for the canteen and finding a new sponsor (Toyo Tyres). There are probably other achievements I have overlooked. The Board did well. But more needs to be done.

What the Board achieves in the future will be down to the quality and number of people that volunteer. Which brings me to the nomination process for the 2020 Committee.

ALL positions are open for nomination. Nominations should be sent to me in writing (one sentence will do) by no later than 10pm Wednesday 30th October (AGM is next day Thursday 31st October at 6:30 for 7pm at the Greengate Hotel). If you have nominated for a position, and there are no other nominees, you will be announced in the role at the AGM. If there is more than one nominee there will be a vote. If there are no nominees, we will look for volunteers at the AGM (and if necessary at a later date).

You can nominate for a Board role without nominating a position. Someone from the Committee (probably me) will then be in contact to discuss the most suitable role (that you will then nominate for prior to the AGM).

Roles in particular we are looking for nominees include: General Manager Footy Operations (in charge of all things on the footy side), Registrar, Recruitment Coordinator, Auskick Coordinator, Child Protection Officer and Sponsorship Coordinator.

The incumbent President (Paul Thompson) is stepping down. At present there is one nominee to be 2020 President (Lindy Jones).

Further information about all the Board roles and responsibilities is available under the Resource tab. We have increased the number of roles on the Board to try and reduce the workload on individuals.

If you have any other questions about Board roles, please either contact me or any other member of the Committee. A list of the nominees for each role will announced around one week prior to the AGM.


Pete Munckton
Club Secretary

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