Respectful acknowledgement of our neighbours


A quick community service announcement.

Some of our community neighbours have found that parking of cars from Acron Oval users has at times recently impeded access to some residential properties. Understandably this creates issues for residents and a poor perception of the Club. Whilst possible that these events were not caused by Club families, and may have been impacted by recent television filming in the area, we would nonetheless like to ensure we are doing all that we can to maintain a civil relationship with our neighbours.

Please try to park considerately and always ensure that your vehicle is not blocking access to driveways, and is not parked on the grass verge of surrounding residences, as this can cause damage. Please also ensure that you do not park immediately in front of the Bus Stop on the Oval side of Acron Rd near the carpark entrance.

Thanks for your ongoing support, and Go Saints!


Acron Oval