New items at the Club


Hi all,

A quick update on some Club news to start the weekend.

Some of the new items are starting to make their way in to the Club after the recent receipt of a couple of grants. Our new BBQ was unveiled this evening and has been churning out the sausages, bacon, eggs and onions to the hungry Friday night masses. This is a welcome change to replace the old version.

You may also have noticed that the canteen interior has been spruced up with a lick or two of paint. Along with that we’ve added a new fridge and some canteen items to add to the food services we offer (hot soup, salad items, new drinks, etc).

Shortly we will receive some new club-branded marquees and along with our new run through banner for player milestone games, plus the recently announced goal post covers sponsored by Liberty Industrial, the changes are starting to rack up!

Soon we will have a new PA system and there is also a new defibrillator that we hope stays in its packet. Best to be prepared though and it is good to know we’ve got things covered!

If you have not yet booked your tickets for the Club Social on July 27 please do so today. The booking process is simple and the tickets offer excellent value, with the night set to include a DJ for a bit of fun! I hope to see you there.


Acron Oval

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