Club update & welcome to 2019!


Happy new year and welcome to another great season of AFL at St. Ives!

We kick off the year with great news. Thanks to the advocacy of a St. Ives player/umpire, the leadership of our Club President Paul Thompson & Presidents of the other Sydney Harbour Junior AFL Clubs, the AFL has amended its 2019 by-laws to equalise umpires’ pay for girls and boys games.

Last year, an umpire could be paid up to 50% less for umpiring a girls game compared to a boys game of the same age group. (You can view the images in Team App for this news item to compare the pay.)

Our Club aims to benefit not only the development of our players and volunteers, but to enhance the whole AFL and broader community. We will look to drive change and shape the future to achieve positive outcomes where we can. Just one of the many reasons to be part of the St. Ives AFL family!

More information on this year’s draw, teams, and what’s happening when will be shared soon as we finalise details.

In the meantime, if you know of anyone who would like to play AFL or become an umpire for the first time (it’s a great experience that pays well too!), just contact us through Team App.


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